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17th June 2019 • Hello and welcome if it's your first time here, thank you for visiting my website and viewing my art, and welcome back to old friends. I am a painter, figurative and abstracts, draw lots, take photos, and make digital films. This latest version of my website is designed for mobile phones and tablets as it is scalable. To view the "original" website, which contains much more content (and is better imho - sshhh), but may not work as well with cellphones or small tablets, please just click below. The original version uses old-school html and is basically the same layout as when I first uploaded it in 2000, although there is much more to see. It is better viewed on large monitors or big laptops/tablets. Whichever version you choose (try both!), I hope you enjoy your visit, there's lot to look at. I hope you enjoy my art. Have Fun! Justin :)


THE ORIGINAL WEBSITE - the whole website dating from 2000 until now

NEW!! I'm now finally have a Face on Pagebook! I show updates to art there and also some exculsive work not on this homepage. You would do me a great honour by liking it - thanks! :) facebook icon twitter icon Thanks to everyone who has followed me on Twitter. I tweet mostly images lots of art, film, graphics archtecture but also news, celeb, history allsorts.

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About Justin Bailey

I am an artist who paints and draws. I also make collages. And I take a lot of photos. I also make videos and have a youtube channel called wikidubwhere I upload videos of reggae music. In this section you can find out what's new, there is a blog. There is a description of who I am and what I do. There are contact details here. But here is my

• Information

This is the work that does not express the human form or interpretations of the surrounding, physical world. But it does contain stripes, blobs, drips, buttons, beads, colours galore, circles, squares, triangles, shapes of allsorts and other weird and wonderful things. There are monochrome paintings and multicoloured ones, big canvases and tiny ones. Essentially, these paintings are about the representation of the spiritual, the examination of colour relationships, and an aspiration to create forms of beauty. Please click here for the Abstraction page on the original website

• Abstraction

The figurative work is my interpretation of the human form and is not really a traditional one. I experiment a lot and as such there is a wide diversity of styles, as in the abstracts. Some of these drawings and paintings deal with the human condition and involve adult themes, such as sex, violence and death. Please click here for the Figurative page on the original website

• Figuritive

The Tunnels section is my foray into photo realistic painting. These are literally paintings of tunnels, subways and corridors photographed by me in and around London and transfered by oil onto canvas. These are my mature "Artworld" works, my conceptial pieces, my serious head paintings (as opposed to the heart paintings, the abstracts and figuratives). Please click here for the Tunnels page on the original website

• Tunnels

These days everyone takes photos, on the phones or digital cameras and they upload their pics to facebook, instragram, pinterest, blip etc. Everywhere people take selfies and show the world. Well, I was taking selfies many years ago and taking photographs for for a long time, when film was the software. I once built a darkroom and processed my photographs chemically, black & white and colour. These days it is digital of course and I have embraced the medium. Again there is quite a diversity in my photographic work. Please click here for the Photography page on the original website

• Photography
Lucky Dip

On my original version of my website Lucky Dip was a section where I paid homage to the animated gif and created many artworks using them. On this mobile version I aim to have this section as an area where I will upload a selection of those and also odd things that appeal to me. I t will be different to the other main pages and will be more like a BLOG - with animated gifs. Please click here for the Lucky Dip page on the original website

• Lucky Dip

• To view the original website, please click here

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