You are my mind slave
an artwork using Flash
This is the preview page for an animated artwork using Flash called "You are my mind slave". This animation uses fast pulsating and stroboscopic lights. If you are in anyway sensitive to, or have adverse reactions from, flashing lights then it is sensible for you not to proceed. This animation is tongue-in-cheek and is a artistic pastiche of so-called brainwashing techniques seen in Hollywood films and t.v. and S.F. literature.
"You are my mind slave" is an exercise in fun and should not be taken at all seriously or at face value, but I must advise anyone who is vunerable, sensitive, susceptible or fragile to proceed with caution. I absolutely accept no responsibility to any person who feels unwell, disturbed, depressed or who has any other adverse reaction to the animation. You proceed by your own free will. You have been warned. Have fun!
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Justin Bailey artist London, United Kingdom.